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Bacungan was a former sitio of barangay Nabuslot until it became an independent barangay in 1960. As far as can be recalled, the list of its early leaders includes the following:


·        Venancio Sto. Tomas                   -           1934

·        Juanito Bambao                            -           1939

·        Luis Escretor                                  -           1946

·        Vicente De Los Reyes                  -           1958


The first Barangay Captain was Pedro Monsanto who began his term in 1960. He was followed by Melecio Musico who served in1064 and got re-elected in 1967. He was later succeeded by Cresenciano Fabunan in 1971. Eugenio Faderon was then elected as Barangay Chairman in 1990. He also got re-elected in 1994, in1997 and finally in the 2002 Barangay Elections. Mr. Faderon however decided to resign on November 2005 due to personal reasons. Right then after, his first Councilor, Anselmo M. Manalo assumed the vacated post. In the 2007 Barangay Election, Mr. Manalo won as Punong Barangay and remains in position up to the present.


According to the old stories passed on through generations, the barangay was once called “Macanlig” due to its proximity to the Macanlig River. It was later on named Bacungan which was derived from the word “Bacung” which means swampy.



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